Apple puts forth the world’s first subscription-based all-in-one gaming platform called Apple Arcade. The offering will incorporate over a hundred newly designed and elite games from well-known creators into one single platform.

Avid online gamers hate it when, in the middle of an intense game, a sudden pop-up ad will appear. This basically ruins the whole gaming experience for them. Some of these ads are also phishing means for developers to gather data from players, thereby posing a privacy threat to them. Fortunately, Apple has heard these issues and decided to make something that will be happily embraced by gamers – the Apple Arcade.

Unique Subscription Service

The online gaming market is becoming saturated with the multitude of free apps offered by independent and start-up developers. This situation has made it difficult for paid games to compete. While free apps are usually decent enough, the big downside, however, is that they regularly show sponsored ads which ruin the fun of playing. This is why paid games are preferred by many gamers because they are ensured of ad-free continuous gaming. The problem is, paid games don’t reach a bigger audience.

Developers of paid games are presented with an opportunity to get a larger player base through Apple Arcade as it is set to combine both free and paid game apps in one single gaming platform.

The company is partnering with various note-worthy developers to build brand-new and exclusive apps for the Arcade. These games will not be offered anywhere else. Apple also plans to include a huge stockpile of previously available games from popular game app developers.

More Reason to Subscribe to The Arcade

As Apple Arcade works just like the popular streaming app Netflix, users need only to purchase the premium plan to get access to all the cataloged games on the Arcade. This innovation is secured and cost-efficient as players won’t have to pay for each game. Plus, everything will be accessible offline with a game assistant for controllers. Also, the Arcade is designed to work in mobile, laptop and desktop.

Like Netflix, gamers can resume wherever they last stopped playing and shift across any device they wish to use. The gaming platform is expected to be released sometime in 2019. Further, Apple reports that they plan to offer the game to more than 100 countries worldwide.