Nowadays, people are very much into mobile app creation. Some for the money, while some feel they can provide solution for a problem they came across with. 

Rahul Varshneya, the co-founder of Arkenea, a software development service, shares a guide to help you in creating your mobile app. He warns though that this guide may not work for everyone.

Step 1: Come up with an idea. If you’re still searching for one, try looking around you. Take note of the problems you encounter every day. Narrow it down to the ones that are most possible for you to resolve.

Step 2: Confirm the necessity. Validate if there really is a need for your app. A landing page that highlights your app plan can also help you gauge user interest when people sign up with their emails.

Step 3: Detail your app. Once you’ve confirmed that people need your app, jot down your plan. Include the features you want and the particulars of how users will operate the app.

Step 4: Take out nonessential features. Scrutinize your document nonessential features. It will help lessen the development cost and you can always add these features in the superseding versions.

Step 5: Emphasize design. Design is not only about the aesthetics of the app but also about how users will navigate through the app.

Step 6: Hire a developer. Scout for a developer/designer that has outstanding talent in design. You can always check online for their credibility and portfolio.

Step 7: Sign-up for accounts used by developers. Being able to sell apps requires you to sign-up for accounts in app stores. 

Step 8: Use analytics. There are free tools that can be used to monitor downloads and user engagement of your mobile app.

Step 9: Take feedbacks seriously. User feedbacks will guide you with the things you need to improve on your app.

Step 10: Enhance features. After hearing users’ feedback, decide on the non-essential features that you’d like to add to the updated version of your app.

Developing the app is actually the least challenging part. The difficulty lies in getting customers to use your app.