Siri is a built-in virtual or “intelligent” assistant made by Apple Inc. to help support the users of their products. This advanced technology is enabled through voice activation or Natural Language Processing (NLP). According to Apple’s website, Siri can perform the following tasks: assist calls and texts, play music, remind everyday tasks, provide quick information, easier navigation and more. But the wonders of Siri doesn’t stop there. With its latest update, more features were added to give better service for Apple’s customers.

The Playlist Converter

This newly made function allows users to transfer their Spotify playlists into Apple Music. You can simply select the music playlist you have and share it to your other application. It’s made simple by the new shortcuts such as Songshift and Playlist Converter. The Songshift shortcut suits people who do not wish to have the “30 songs only” limit of the Playlist Converter one. But if you have a limited number of songs saved, that one will do.

Upgraded Downloading System

Another excellent addition to Siri’s shortcuts is the new download ability. It now has an option where you can easily download songs, videos, audios, files and photos from different social media sites. Some of these sites are Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram. Unlike before, when looking for a good download source is very difficult, you can now do it in one click.

Welcome to the Dark Mode

Last but not least is the wider use of the dark mode property. You can now browse various websites on Safari while using the dark mode, especially if you hate having too much brightness. Just keep in mind that it is best used when you’re only reading texts because switching into dark mode also inverts the photos’ colors.