In today’s ultra-sophisticated smartphone era, anything can be done by just a tap on your screen. You can shop online, you have your food delivered to your doorsteps, you can book flights, you can have analytics on your daily physical activities, and you can even pay your bills. To put it simply, the internet of things has tremendously helped in closing the gap between what’s achievable and what’s impossible. And smart devices are at the helm of its progress. 

The downside to this, however, is that malicious security attacks are getting more and more rampant that it has become a constant threat to everyone’s private information. To help avoid getting malicious threats, here are three easy ways to keep your phone secured.

Do not Connect to Public Wi-fi

Phishing attempts are widespread nowadays and they come in many forms. More common are those disguised as free public hotspots wherein, once you connect, they will require you to provide your personal login credentials. These connections are designed for you to unknowingly provide your personal details. To avoid this, be wary of providing your information over a public connection. Moreover, if the request seems not typical, you should disconnect immediately.

Be Wary of Suspicious Apps

Without you knowing, you might just have installed a phishing application on your phone by clicking “No” on a pop-up window you did not bother to read. What you can do is go to your phone’s mobile application management and check the type of access you have granted to the mobile app you installed. While you are at it, go ahead and check if there are applications that you do not recall installing.

Remember to Update Regularly

Never skip a phone update. Though some updates usually take long to finish and require a wireless connection, it contains needed upgrades to your mobile security.  Some of these updates fix the bugs from already existing security features on your device. There are also updates that allow your phone to identify suspicious activities by certain applications.

Ultimately, each of us should be mindful of the things we do with our phone. Not getting yourself informed already exposes you to a number of smartphone security threats. Remember, your phone is only as secured as you want it to be.